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A new satellite will track climate-warming pollution. Here's why that's a big deal

A satellite with a climate solutions mission blasted off on a SpaceX rocket Monday. It's on a mission to detect planet-heating methane pollution from the oil and gas sector.

5th March 2024 12:00
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Racial disparities in voter turnout have grown since Supreme Court ruling, study says

A new study finds that the gap between white and nonwhite voters is growing fastest in places that were stripped of federal civil rights-era voting protections by a 2013 Supreme Court ruling.

5th March 2024 11:17
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3 things to know about the current crisis in Haiti

The scenes from Haiti may look familiar, as heavily armed gangs trade fire, and civilians cower in fear. But there is something different about this latest episode.

5th March 2024 11:13
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Places across the U.S. are testing no-strings cash as part of the social safety net

The idea got a boost from the pandemic, when an array of cash relief helped cut child poverty and keep people housed. Researchers are studying how much money, for how long, may have lasting impact.

5th March 2024 11:03
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China's leaders announce a push to jumpstart economy, but say it won't be easy

The country's premier announces a round of fiscal stimulus to boost employment, but warns its legions of bureaucrats to gird themselves for a period of fiscal austerity.

5th March 2024 11:01
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JetBlue and Spirit abandon their decision to merge after it was blocked by a judge

JetBlue and Spirit said it'd be best if they remain separate companies as they don't believe they'll be able to merge by the time the agreement is up in July.

5th March 2024 11:00
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On Super Tuesday, abortion is driving Democrats to the polls in North Carolina

The Biden campaign says it sees a chance to win North Carolina in November. In the primary campaign, Democratic voters say new restrictions on abortion are motivating them to get to the polls.

5th March 2024 11:00
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I flew to Japan with my baby. Here's what I learned about traveling with young kids

Looking to travel this spring with your little one? These tips and tricks can make the journey not just manageable, but enjoyable. Travel experts explain how to navigate packing, air travel and tourism with a kid under age 2.

5th March 2024 09:00
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Former Twitter executives sue Elon Musk for more than $128 million in severance

The lawsuit says not paying severance and bills is part of a pattern for Musk. Representatives for Musk and San Francisco-based X did not immediately respond to messages for comment.

5th March 2024 05:26
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The EU fines Apple nearly $2 billion for hindering music streaming competition

Apple muzzled streaming services from telling users about payment options on their websites, which avoids a 30% fee charged when people pay through apps downloaded with the iOS App Store, the EU said.

5th March 2024 02:08
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A U.N. report finds 'reasonable grounds to believe' attacks in Israel included rapes

The report, which fell short of a full U.N. investigation, said rape likely occurred at at least three sites on Oct. 7. Some hostages held in Gaza were also subject to sexual violence, the team found.

4th March 2024 22:22
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With a million cases of dengue so far this year, Brazil is in a state of emergency

Brazil looks to short-term and long-term strategies to fight a disease so painful it's known as "breakbone fever." The outbreak is part of a global wave of dengue triggered in part by climate change.

4th March 2024 22:00
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FAA audit faults Boeing for 'multiple instances' of quality control shortcomings

The findings, part of a six-week audit by the FAA, singled out both Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems in the wake of January's in-flight door plug blowout on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 jet.

4th March 2024 21:41
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Photos: U.S. and Jordan conduct airdrop into Gaza as cease-fire talks continue

The death toll in Gaza reached 30,000 this past week, as airstrikes continued and the U.S. conducted its first aid drop while Israel continues to consider a proposed cease-fire deal.

4th March 2024 20:42
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Kamala Harris called for a cease-fire in Gaza. Here's what we know about the talks

Harris was due to meet Monday with a top official in Israel's war cabinet. She is calling for a cease-fire to facilitate an exchange of Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners and detainees.

4th March 2024 18:22