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Russia-Ukraine war: What happened today (May 27)

A roundup of key developments and the latest in-depth coverage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

27th May 2022 23:31
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12 stats to help inform the gun control debate

The debate over stricter gun control laws intensifies as details emerge from the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

27th May 2022 22:52
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Cómo hablar con los niños cuando las noticias dan miedo. Una guía bilingüe

Cuando ocurren tiroteos u otras tragedias, ¿cómo podemos hablar con los niños sobre lo que ha pasado? Tenemos consejos de expertos sobre cómo apoyar emocionalmente a los pequeñitos.

27th May 2022 22:38
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Here's what experts say police should have done in the Uvalde school shooting

"It'd be great if you had some help — but I can assure you those kids need help more than you need help," says Steve Ijames, who trains police agencies on active-shooter situations.

27th May 2022 22:09
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Colombia goes into elections Sunday with a leftist looking to make history

Colombia's presidential election is Sunday, and for the first time, a leftist candidate is favored to come out ahead. Business elites are nervous.

27th May 2022 22:07
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Scientists warned us about monkeypox in 1988. Here's why they were right.

Their prediction stemmed from the eradication of smallpox. Here's what they said more than three decades ago — and how it foreshadowed events of 2022.

27th May 2022 21:54
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A judge has dismissed Trump's lawsuit against New York's attorney general

A federal judge's dismissal of former President Donald Trump's lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James allows her civil investigation into his business practices to continue.

27th May 2022 20:12
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A human-trafficking case exposed farmworker abuses. The government is promising change

In response to a letter from Sen. Jon Ossoff, Homeland Security said it plans to begin the process to create new rules to increase protections for farmworkers.

27th May 2022 20:01
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How undated ballots could affect Pennsylvania's GOP Senate race and voters' rights

Mail-in ballots that arrived on time but in envelopes missing dates handwritten by voters have been a flashpoint in recent elections in the key swing state, including a close Republican primary race.

27th May 2022 19:26
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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he was 'misled' about the Uvalde shooting police response

Abbott says the information that he provided at a press conference two days ago was a recitation of what law enforcement had told him in a room beforehand.

27th May 2022 19:11
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What we know about the victims of the Uvalde school shooting

Two teachers and 19 students were killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, making it the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history. At least four others were injured.

27th May 2022 18:15
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Southern Baptist leaders release a previously secret list of accused sexual abusers

In response to an explosive investigation, a list has been released of hundreds of pastors and other church-affiliated personnel accused of abuse. The cases largely span from 2000-2019.

27th May 2022 17:08
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North Korea says its COVID outbreak is now under control. But is it?

After saying there were no cases, officials on May 12 announced an outbreak. But without an adequate supply of tests, some say North Korea is "flying blind." And it still doesn't have vaccines.

27th May 2022 16:57
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The former head of the Louvre faces charges linked to alleged antiquities smuggling

Police have charged Jean-Luc Martinez with "complicity in organized fraud" and money laundering, according to the Paris prosecutors' office.

27th May 2022 16:09
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Caught in a storm of criticism and internal strife, the NRA meets in Houston

This isn't the first time the NRA has held its convention days after a nearby mass shooting. Some politicians and musicians are dropping out, and gun control advocates are preparing protests.

27th May 2022 16:08