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A 97-year-old Los Angeles church catches on fire for the 2nd time in 2 years

The St. John's United Methodist Church first caught fire in February 2022. It had still been holding services in the parking lot as the sanctuary was being renovated when the second fire broke out.

5th June 2023 07:38
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An Australian mother jailed 20 years is pardoned and freed because of new evidence

The pardon was seen as the quickest way of getting Kathleen Folbigg out of prison, as new scientific evidence found that her four children died by natural causes as she had insisted.

5th June 2023 06:24
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Military F-16s intercepted a business jet, shocking D.C. residents with a sonic boom

At supersonic speeds, F-16 jets chased down an unresponsive pilot who flew a civilian plane over the nation's capital and crashed in southwest Virginia. The FAA and NTSB are investigating.

5th June 2023 02:14
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Saudi Arabia cuts oil production again to shore up prices — this time on its own

OPEC+ countries also agreed to extend oil production cuts they announced in April through the end of 2024, reducing production by more than 1 million barrels per day.

5th June 2023 00:06
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China tightens access to Tiananmen Square while 32 are detained in Hong Kong

China tightened access to Tiananmen Square in central Beijing on Sunday, the anniversary of the military suppression of 1989 pro-democracy protests.

4th June 2023 20:45
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Chuck Todd, host and moderator of NBC's 'Meet the Press', will step down

Todd has hosted the show since 2014. NBC's chief White House correspondent, Kristen Welker, will become the show's new host.

4th June 2023 17:57
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Dogs attacked more than 5,300 mail carriers last year, the Postal Service says

Officials say pets that don't previously show signs of aggression may still bite a postal worker, and the agency is asking residents to secure their dogs before mail carriers arrive.

4th June 2023 17:06
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Immigrants have helped change how America eats. Now they dominate top culinary awards

Immigrants have long been the backbone of restaurant kitchens. Now they're dominating the industry's top awards for chefs, with a majority of nominations going to immigrants or children of immigrants.

4th June 2023 14:00
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Vaccination and awareness could help keep mpox in check this summer

Health officials say more vaccination, testing and awareness among people at high risk for infection with mpox could curb a potential resurgence in the U.S.

4th June 2023 13:48
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A decade on, Edward Snowden remains in Russia, though U.S. laws have changed

A decade ago, we were still exploring the technological wonders of cellphones and other electronic devices. Few were thinking about how they could be used to monitor us. Then came Edward Snowden.

4th June 2023 13:48
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President Zelenskyy says 2-year-old is one of 500 Ukrainian children killed in war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Sunday that Russia's war, now in its 16th month, has killed at least 500 Ukrainian children.

4th June 2023 13:29
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She writes for a hit Ethiopian soap opera. This year, the plot turns on child marriage

The show is Yegna. Its goal (besides entertainment) is to tackle issues affecting teen girls (and boys, too), from a lack of menstrual pads to why betting is unwise. We talk to one of the writers.

4th June 2023 13:11
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China and U.S. defense chiefs compete for influence in the Asia Pacific

China's new defense minister made his first international appearance on Sunday at an annual defense summit, where he delivered a speech full of thinly veiled digs at the U.S.

4th June 2023 12:48
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A signaling error appears to have caused the train crash that killed 275 in India

The derailment in eastern India that killed nearly 300 people and injured hundreds more was caused by an error in the electronic signaling system that led a train to wrongly change tracks.

4th June 2023 12:37
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How to hold onto a sense of wonder

Katherine May's new book examines the idea of awakening wonder in an "anxious age." And when I tell you that I dogeared almost every page in this book, I'm telling God's honest truth.

4th June 2023 12:00