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'Laughter is disarming': A new documentary traces generations of LGBTQ comedy

The new Netflix documentary Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution features interviews with dozens of gay and trans comics, archival footage and lots of jokes.

17th June 2024 21:23
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George Strait sets a new record for the largest ticketed concert in U.S. history

The country music icon played before a crowd of 110,905 fans at Texas A&M’s Kyle Field in College Station on Saturday, according to Billboard.

17th June 2024 19:28
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We want to hear your questions on buy now, pay later payment plans.

Morning Edition wants to answer your questions on buy now, pay later payment plans.

17th June 2024 17:57
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How have rising prices affected you? What questions do you have about inflation?

Whether it's our grocery lists, travel plans or savings, most of us have felt the effects of rising prices. NPR wants to know how inflation has affected your life and answer your questions about it.

17th June 2024 16:14
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50% of U.S. military bases face health care access issues; Tony Awards takeaways

An NPR investigation found that 50% of U.S. military bases are in so-called "health care deserts." There weren't any surprises at last night's Tony Awards — except for the winner of Best Musical.

17th June 2024 13:56
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Nicknamed Caramelo, a rescued horse from the flooding in Brazil, becomes famous

In Brazil, a seven-year-old horse who survived catastrophic floods in the south of the country has become a symbol of hope.

17th June 2024 13:21
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N.D. Gov. Burgum has surfaced as a top contender to be Trump’s running mate

NPR's Michel Martin talks to Mark Jendrysik, a professor at the University of North Dakota, about why Donald Trump may be leaning toward Gov. Doug Burgum as a potential vice presidential pick.

17th June 2024 13:16
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World leaders met in Switzerland to discuss a roadmap to peace for Ukraine

Envoys and leaders of more than 90 nations participated, and most signed a statement saying Ukraine’s borders must be respected in any deal to end the war. Russia wasn't invited to the meeting.

17th June 2024 13:12
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Uber and Lyft are fighting minimum wage laws. But in this state, the drivers won

Internal emails, interviews and in-app messages show Uber and Lyft deployed a powerful lobbying playbook to stop minimum wage laws in Minnesota. But drivers had a playbook of their own.

17th June 2024 12:00
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People with HIV are aging, and the challenges are piling up

Aging with HIV comes with an increased risk of other health problems. Failing to get adequate care could undermine fighting the virus. (Story aired on Weekend Edition Saturday on June 15, 2024.)

17th June 2024 11:12