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Video of Tyre Nichols' violent arrest released by Memphis police

Four videos released by the city of Memphis show different angles of Tyre Nichols being pepper sprayed, kicked in the head while being restrained, punched and struck multiple times with a baton.

28th January 2023 06:53
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T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach will not return to "GMA," network says

ABC News has not announced who will replace them.

28th January 2023 06:49
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CBS Evening News, January 27, 2023

Police release video of Tyre Nichols' violent arrest; Wife who lost husband to Alzheimer's wants to inspire other caregivers

28th January 2023 06:12
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Police release video of Tyre Nichols' violent arrest

Horrifying video of Memphis police officers beating Tyre Nichols was released to the public Friday. The incident is being compared to the vicious beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police in 1991. Elise Preston reports. Warning: This video contains violent and disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.

28th January 2023 04:01
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Billy Packer, NCAA basketball broadcaster, dies at 82

College basketball broadcasting legend Billy Packer has died at the age of 82. He spent 34 years on "Final Four" broadcast teams — 27 of them at CBS. He was beloved for his iconic calls and outspoken passion for the game.

28th January 2023 03:51
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Former Memphis officer on SCORPION unit, cops charged in Nichols' death

"I never thought this would happen," the former officer told CBS News.

28th January 2023 03:44
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Investigators testify in Alex Murdaugh murder trial

Disgraced South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh was emotional in court on Friday as jurors heard him describe his dead son to investigators the night of the murders. An investigator testified that Murdaugh told her he had tried to find the pulses of his wife and son at the gruesome scene, yet she did not see any blood on him. Nikki Battiste has the details.

28th January 2023 03:36
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A wife remarried her husband after Alzheimer's took his memory

"I want people to continue to find joy, and really focus on being present with their loved ones," Lisa Marshall said of what she learned from her loss.

28th January 2023 03:33
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"CBS Evening News" headlines for Friday, January 27, 2023

Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell," hosted by Major Garrett.

28th January 2023 03:16
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Security ramped up for release of video showing Tyre Nichols' violent arrest

With protests expected in cities across the U.S. in response to the arrest video of Tyre Nichols, police departments have been beefing up security in several major cities. The Memphis police chief said she could only stomach watching the video once. Jeff Pegues has the latest. Warning: This video contains violent and disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.

28th January 2023 03:15
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Pence takes "full responsibility" for classified documents found at his home

Documents marked as classified were found at the vice president's home in Carmel, Indiana.

28th January 2023 03:09
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Biden speaks with Tyre Nichols' family, says he is "outraged" by footage

President Biden said he was "outraged and deeply pained" to watch the footage of Tyre Nichols' violent arrest.

28th January 2023 03:07
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Video of Paul Pelosi attack released, shows suspect swinging hammer

News organizations petitioned for the release of the material, which had been played in open court during a preliminary hearing.

28th January 2023 03:05
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Nancy Pelosi reacts to newly released video of husband's attack

Rep. Nancy Pelosi spoke to reporters after several video and audio clips from the night of the attack on her husband at their San Francisco home were released Friday.

28th January 2023 03:04
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CEO quotes Martin Luther King in email announcing layoffs

PagerDuty CEO Jennifer Tejada quoted the civil rights in an email a critic called an "all time classic bad layoff announcement."

28th January 2023 00:41
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More than 2 dozen hurt in pileup on Wisconsin highway

Wisconsin State Patrol officials said snow, ice and whiteout conditions were factors in the crash.

28th January 2023 00:29
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Kentucky Trader Joe's becomes third store to unionize

The unionization effort at Trader Joe's comes amid a larger wave of organizing largely led by younger workers.

28th January 2023 00:04
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Looking to get hired? These are the best months to try.

U.S. employers typically finish their annual budgets in January and start advertising for open roles soon thereafter.

27th January 2023 23:39
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Jan. 6 rioter who admitted spraying Officer Brian Sicknick sentenced

Sicknick died of what the medical examiner found to be natural causes a day after defending the Capitol during the Jan. 6 assault.

27th January 2023 23:39
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Many more single women than men are homeowners. Here's why.

Single women own about 10.7 million homes compared to 8.1 million for single men, according to a LendingTree analysis.

27th January 2023 23:08
Us -
Wall Street sends stocks to their highest levels since summer

Stocks closed higher on Wall Street, marking the market's third winning week in the last four.

27th January 2023 23:05
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Ronna McDaniel reelected RNC chair

Ronna McDaniel won a fourth term, despite her challenger getting a last-minute boost from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

27th January 2023 21:25
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Pharmacies CVS, Walmart and Walgreens to cut pharmacy hours

Cutting hours is meant to help ease workload for employees and better serve customers, say pharmacy chains.

27th January 2023 21:21
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CBS News investigation spurs action by Air Force to combat domestic violence

Following a 2021 CBS News investigation into domestic violence in the military, the Air Force ordered a review and has launched multiple initiatives to address domestic violence.

27th January 2023 20:59
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"Tipflation" and "tip creep" are sparking a consumer backlash

Tipping was once reserved for workers earning below minimum wage. But tip creep means the practice is spreading.

27th January 2023 20:38
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"48 Hours" investigates death of woman married to Georgia police officer

Just days after the wife of a police officer made allegations of abuse against her husband, he claimed that she took her own life by shooting herself. The medical examiner ruled Amanda Perrault's death a suicide. But the sheriff and district attorney investigating the case believed that her husband Seth Perrault shot and killed Amanda. Anne-Marie Green joined Vladimir Duthiers and Errol Barnett to preview this weekend's "48 Hours" episode.

27th January 2023 19:44
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$1 million awarded to Oregon woman told "I don't serve Black people"

"I was like, 'What world am I living in?'" Rose Wakefield said. "This is not supposed to go down like that."

27th January 2023 19:38
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Taylor Swift casts trans model as love interest in music video

Ashley thanked Swift for casting him in the video and for giving others representation.

27th January 2023 18:46
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Jay Leno injured in motorcycle crash 2 months after suffering burns

The November garage fire and January wreck both stemmed from his passion for working on vintage vehicles.

27th January 2023 18:21
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How will Netflix stop you from sharing your password?

Streaming company said a crackdown is coming by March, but a similar effort in other countries yielded mixed results.

27th January 2023 18:16