U.S. News
Apple stops offering buy now, pay later loans in U.S.

Apple said it would no longer issue loans that enabled customers to buy products online and pay in four interest-free installments, at prices up to $1,000.

17th June 2024 21:37
U.S. News
New Jersey Democratic kingmaker George Norcross indicted on racketeering charges

George Norcross is accused of presiding over a racketeering enterprise to benefit from redevelopment on the Camden, New Jersey waterfront.

17th June 2024 20:48
U.S. News
Treasury yields rise as traders assess timeline of interest rate cuts

Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari on Sunday said it was a "reasonable prediction" that there would not be an interest rate cut until December.

17th June 2024 19:58
U.S. News
How immigrants are helping keep job growth hot while inflation cools

Recent spikes in immigration at the southern border and elsewhere in the U.S. have helped to keep the labor pool full, even as job gains kept apace.

17th June 2024 17:40
U.S. News
How Eli Lilly is managing soaring demand for GLP-1s, according to outgoing CFO Anat Ashkenazi

Ashkenazi has been key to managing the windfall in revenue and wave of investor optimism from Eli Lilly's diabetes injection Mounjaro and obesity drug Zepbound.

17th June 2024 15:00
U.S. News
Activist Starboard amasses Autodesk stake, weighs suit over delayed probe disclosure

Autodesk has been under deep scrutiny over an accounting scandal that led to the resignation of its CFO over potentially inflated financial metrics.

17th June 2024 14:57
U.S. News
Apple supplier TDK says battery breakthrough can deliver higher performance for wearable devices

The Apple supplier said the innovation can be utilized in various wearable devices, including wireless earphones, hearing aids and smartwatches.

17th June 2024 14:40
U.S. News
Cocoa prices are soaring. Candy makers will need to get creative

Hershey, Mondelez, Mars and Ferrero are among the companies that will have to get creative to deal with soaring prices for cocoa, a key ingredient in chocolate.

15th June 2024 13:00
U.S. News
Jared Kushner's post-White House deal-making included badly timed bet on Amazon aggregator

Shortly after leaving the Trump White House, Jared Kushner was putting Saudi money to work across a host of businesses, including Amazon aggregator Unybrands.

14th June 2024 22:50
U.S. News
10-year Treasury yield slips again as traders weigh this week’s U.S. inflation data

The producer price index fell 0.2% in May, lower than expectations, pushing Treasury yields lower.

14th June 2024 22:00
U.S. News
Luxury homes on these beaches are losing value fast, as effects of climate change hit hard

As sea levels rise and storms intensify, coastal real estate is seeing flooding and erosion like never before, and it's impacting home values.

14th June 2024 21:42
U.S. News
Boeing and NASA delay Starliner astronaut return to June 22, nearly doubling mission length to test spacecraft

NASA announced Friday that Boeing's Starliner capsule "Calypso" will stay at the International Space Station twice as long as the mission originally planned.

14th June 2024 21:14
U.S. News
Elon Musk claims Optimus robots could make Tesla a $25 trillion company — more than half the value of the S&P 500 today

At Tesla's annual shareholder meeting Thursday, CEO Elon Musk said the company's jump into humanoid robots could lift its market cap by almost fiftyfold.

14th June 2024 15:28
U.S. News
Tesla shareholders vote to reinstate Elon Musk’s $56 billion pay package

At Tesla's annual meeting on Thursday, shareholders were asked to vote on a dozen proposals, including CEO Elon Musk's 2018 pay package.

14th June 2024 14:37
U.S. News
Bezos' Blue Origin joins SpaceX, ULA in winning bids for $5.6 billion Pentagon rocket program

The Pentagon announced the first winning bidders in its rocket launch program sweepstakes on Thursday.

14th June 2024 13:37
U.S. News
Tesla shareholder vote on Musk's historic pay package won't resolve 'legal disputes'

While Tesla shareholders will vote on whether they think Elon Musk should get his mammoth pay package, the courts will have the final say.

14th June 2024 01:43
U.S. News
Adobe shares soar 17% on better-than-expected results

Adobe reported results on Thursday that sailed past analysts' estimates.

14th June 2024 00:08
U.S. News
Yellen: More Ukraine aid can be backed by frozen Russian assets after initial $50 billion loan

President Biden reached a deal with G7 leaders in Italy to provide a $50 billion Ukraine loan backed by frozen Russian assets.

13th June 2024 23:27
U.S. News
OpenAI adds former NSA chief to its board

OpenAI on Thursday announced Paul Nakasone, former director of the National Security Agency, will join its board of directors.

13th June 2024 23:00
U.S. News
Stellantis aims to correct 'arrogant' mistakes in U.S. market, CEO says

At the company's investor day, Stellantis executives also laid out how they plan to achieve ambitious financial targets amid industry and economic uncertainty.

13th June 2024 22:28
U.S. News
Clarence Thomas took more undisclosed trips paid for by GOP megadonor Harlan Crow, Senate committee chair says

Supreme Court Justice Clarence has come under fire for accepting years of luxury gifts and private jet rides.

13th June 2024 22:16
U.S. News
Stellantis plans to grow Jeep sales 50% by 2027

Stellantis expects to grow sales of Jeep vehicles during the next three years to roughly 1.5 million units globally.

13th June 2024 20:09
U.S. News
Tyson Foods suspends CFO after second arrest

Tyson had previously been arrested two years ago for falling asleep in the wrong house.

13th June 2024 20:03
U.S. News
Microsoft employees' cybersecurity contributions will factor into their pay

Microsoft's Brad Smith told a U.S. House committee that its board will evaluate top executives' cybersecurity work when deciding on bonuses.

13th June 2024 19:22
U.S. News
Trump floats eliminating U.S. income tax and replacing it with tariffs on imports

Trump also talked about using tariffs to leverage negotiating power over bad actors, a source told CNBC.

13th June 2024 19:08
U.S. News
Wholesale prices unexpectedly fell 0.2% in May

The producer price index was expected to show a 0.1% increase in May, according to economists surveyed by Dow Jones.

13th June 2024 17:10
U.S. News
Google search head says 'we won't always find' mistakes with AI products and have to take risks rolling them out

Liz Reid, Google's vice president of search, told employees at a recent all-hands meeting that the company has to take risks in rolling out AI search tools.

13th June 2024 15:00
U.S. News
With trillions in government money at stake, infrastructure takes center stage in America’s Top States for Business

With trillions of dollars from the government to spend on infrastructure and high-tech manufacturing, the way states are competing for business has changed.

13th June 2024 14:57
U.S. News
How we are choosing America's Top States for Business 2024

Infrastructure tops labor in the pitch from state economic development plans to corporations, and is the No. 1 factor in CNBC's 2024 Top State for Business.

13th June 2024 13:54