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Harvard is back on top as college hopefuls' ultimate 'dream' school, despite recent turmoil

After suffering a blow to its brand, Harvard is back on top as this year’s dream school, according to a new survey of college-bound students.

5th March 2024 15:04
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Novo Nordisk's diabetes drug Ozempic slashed the risk of kidney disease progression in trial

The results add to the growing evidence that the highly popular injection has broader health benefits for patients beyond treating Type 2 diabetes.

5th March 2024 14:47
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'Clean' property, private lenders could be Trump's best option to get $540 million for legal judgments

Donald Trump has just a few weeks to put up more than $454 million in cash or bonds to stave off his collectors while he appeals his New York civil fraud case.

5th March 2024 14:09
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Women-led venture capital funds are helping drive increase in funding for women-owned startups

Venture capital funding for companies founded by women has been trending up. Incubators for women founders and more new companies founded by women have helped.

5th March 2024 14:00
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Goldman says the bear market for battery metal prices is far from over

Goldman Sachs believes it is too early to call a decisive end to a battery raw materials price plunge.

5th March 2024 13:53
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Anthropic, backed by Amazon and Google, debuts its most powerful chatbot yet

Anthropic on Monday debuted Claude 3, a chatbot and suite of AI models that it calls its fastest and most powerful yet.

5th March 2024 02:35
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JetBlue, Spirit end $3.8 billion merger agreement after losing antitrust suit

JetBlue and Spirit Airlines had appealed a federal judge's decision to block their merger earlier in January.

4th March 2024 23:09
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American orders 260 new planes, including Boeing Max 10s, and plans bigger first class

American's order includes 85 of Boeing's yet-to-be certified 737 Max 10 aircraft.

4th March 2024 22:48
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Tax pros brace for ‘tidal wave’ of crypto tax scrutiny from the IRS. What investors need to know

As the IRS bolsters its cryptocurrency expertise, tax professionals are bracing for increased scrutiny of digital currency. Here's what to know.

4th March 2024 22:17
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American says 80% of 2024 revenue will come from loyalty program and more expensive tickets

The airline declined to provide profit or revenue forecasts for the first quarter or full year.

4th March 2024 22:17
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Supreme Court rules states can't remove Trump from presidential election ballot

The Colorado Supreme Court barred Donald Trump from the Republican primary ballot, saying he incited insurrection to challenge the election of Joe Biden.

4th March 2024 20:41
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Former Trump company CFO Weisselberg pleads guilty to perjury in fraud trial

The charges relate to testimony Allen Weisselberg gave in the New York civil fraud trial of Donald Trump and his company.

4th March 2024 19:30
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What student loan borrowers need to know this tax season

There have been a lot of recent developments for student loan borrowers, some of which may impact their 2023 tax filing.

4th March 2024 19:21
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Haiti declares state of emergency after armed gangs storm two of the country's largest prisons

Haiti's government on Sunday imposed a state of emergency and a nighttime curfew in an attempt to restore order.

4th March 2024 18:53
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Ford sales jump 10.5% in February, led by gains in hybrids and EVs

Ford Motor's U.S. sales jumped 10.5% last month compared to February 2023, led by increases in its hybrid and all-electric vehicles sales.

4th March 2024 17:12
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Apple announces new MacBook Air laptops with its latest M3 chip

Apple on Monday announced new versions of its 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air laptops with its latest M3 chip.

4th March 2024 16:32
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Viking Therapeutics emerges as a strong weight loss drug player — or takeover target

Some Wall Street analysts said Viking's experimental obesity treatment may be "best-in-class" following the release of midstage trial data.

4th March 2024 16:17
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Super Micro to join S&P 500 after stock price soars more than twentyfold in two years

Super Micro rode its historic stock rally into the S&P 500 on Friday, replacing Whirlpool.

4th March 2024 15:51
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The North Sea could become a 'central storage camp' for carbon waste. Not everyone likes the idea

Norway's government wants to show the world it is possible to safely inject and store carbon waste under the seabed.

4th March 2024 09:42
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Vice President Harris calls for cease-fire in Gaza during speech at Bloody Sunday anniversary

Vice President Kamala Harris acknowledged the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and called for a cease-fire while commemorating the anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

3rd March 2024 23:11
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Ahead of Super Tuesday, Nikki Haley says she will stay in the 2024 presidential race as long as she is 'competitive'

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said in an interview ahead of Super Tuesday she will continue in the race as long as she remains competitive.

3rd March 2024 18:02
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Norfolk Southern freight train cars derail in Pennsylvania

A Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in Pennsylvania, spilling oil into a nearby river and plastic pellets, though no injuries have been reported.

2nd March 2024 21:22
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How Nescafé instant coffee is made

Nescafé is sold in 180 countries and has 25 factories globally. Worldwide one in seven cups of coffee consumed is a Nescafé.

2nd March 2024 14:00
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Waymo approved by regulator to expand robotaxi service in Los Angeles, San Francisco Peninsula

Alphabet's Waymo division won approval from the California Public Utilities Commission to expand service to parts of L.A. and the Bay Area.

2nd March 2024 02:17
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Lockheed Martin looks to acquire spacecraft maker Terran Orbital for nearly $600 million

Lockheed Martin submitted a bid to acquire spacecraft manufacturer Terran Orbital, the defense giant revealed in a securities filing on Friday.

1st March 2024 23:57
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NASA shuts down $2 billion satellite refueling project after contractor Maxar is criticized for poor performance

NASA said it is shutting down a $2 billion project to test satellite refueling in space, after the lead contractor, Maxar, was cited for poor performance.

1st March 2024 23:51
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Reddit seeking a valuation of up to $6.5 billion in IPO

Reddit is seeking a valuation of up to $6.5 billion for its upcoming IPO.

1st March 2024 23:01
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Judge rejects AstraZeneca’s challenge to Medicare drug price negotiations

U.S. District Judge Colm Connolly's decision comes one day before manufacturers have to respond to Medicare's initial price offers for their drugs.

1st March 2024 20:34
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Co-defendant in Sen. Bob Menendez corruption case pleads guilty

Sen. Bob Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, is accused of having a corrupt relationship with three businessmen, and sharing secret information that helped Egypt.

1st March 2024 20:05