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Now Boarding: Can you fly with marijuana? It's complicated

On this episode of "Now Boarding," CNBC discusses the legalities and gray areas of flying with marijuana.

4th June 2023 14:00
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Three industries ripe for automation, according to a robotics guru

Jeff Burnstein, an automation-industry guru and president of the Association for Advancing Automation, outlines where automation could be applied next.

3rd June 2023 14:00
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The rise of Albemarle, the world's largest lithium producer

The lithium-ion battery supply chain, from mine to market, is expected to grow more than 30% annually from 2022 to 2030, when it could reach $400 billion.

3rd June 2023 14:00
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Elon Musk and Twitter face growing brand-safety concerns after execs depart

High-level Twitter employees tasked with brand safety have left, creating a potentially bigger problem when it comes to policing hate speech.

3rd June 2023 02:59
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California Democrat who opposed anti-tech bills is top contender for key role on antitrust subcommittee

If Rep. Lou Correa ascends to the role, it would be a stark reversal in attitude at the top of the subcommittee that has sought to rein in Big Tech power.

3rd June 2023 00:55
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Tech stocks close out first six-week rally since January 2020

The Nasdaq Composite rose 2% this week, boosted by a big rally in Tesla and an earnings from software maker MongoDB.

3rd June 2023 00:17
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YouTube will stop removing false claims about 2020 election fraud

The new rule will go into effect Friday, June 2.

2nd June 2023 23:21
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FDA allows temporary import of unapproved Chinese cancer drug to ease U.S. shortage

The FDA has given Qilu Pharmaceutical permission to ship cisplatin to the U.S. to ease a national cancer drug shortage.

2nd June 2023 23:03
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Arizona sets limits on construction around Phoenix as groundwater dwindles

Earlier this year, Arizona projected that developers planning to build homes in the Phoenix area don't have enough groundwater supplies to execute those plans.

2nd June 2023 21:03
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Telecom stocks fall on report Amazon considers launching mobile service for Prime members

A mobile plan could serve as an attractive hook for Amazon to lure in more Prime subscribers.

2nd June 2023 20:55
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Google says Gmail on your phone just got a lot faster thanks to A.I.

Google announced an AI update for search within Gmail. AI models will now deliver "top results" for queries.

2nd June 2023 20:27
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Pence will not be charged in DOJ probe of classified documents found at his home

The conclusion of the classified documents probe came less than a week before Mike Pence is reportedly set to announce he is running for president.

2nd June 2023 19:13
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Russian forces target food and water sources to starve Ukrainians, international law investigation says

The new report details routine Russian strikes in concentrated areas where civilians gathered to receive humanitarian aid and food supplies.

2nd June 2023 19:05
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DeSantis bid to disqualify judge in Disney case is denied, but judge recuses himself anyway over relative's stock conflict

The judge made the decision to remove himself from the case despite denying DeSantis' motion for him to be disqualified.

2nd June 2023 18:21
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Payrolls rose 339,000 in May, much better than expected in resilient labor market

Nonfarm payrolls were expected to increase by 190,000 in May, according to Dow Jones.

2nd June 2023 17:14
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'The haves and have-nots market': 2023 trends for the ETF investor

Despite recessionary fears, interest rate uncertainty and a debt ceiling debate, ETF investors are adapting to a volatile year for markets.

2nd June 2023 17:00
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FDA considers temporary cancer drug imports from unapproved companies to ease U.S. shortage

Shortages of cisplatin and carboplatin, bedrock cancer treatments, have forced some hospitals to ration the drugs.

2nd June 2023 15:09
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Consumers keep traveling despite recession fears and inflation

Airline and other travel bookings have been strong, despite concerns about higher interest rates, inflation and an economic slowdown.

2nd June 2023 14:00
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Consumers are more likely to cut back on restaurant visits than trade down to fight inflation, report says

In April, prices for food away from home rose 8.6% compared with the year-earlier period, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2nd June 2023 14:00
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Meta will require employees to return to the office three days a week starting in September

Meta is the latest company to requir employees to work from corporate offices at least three days a week.

2nd June 2023 03:09
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MongoDB shares jump more than 20% after database company beats expectations and raises guidance

MongoDB flagged continued scrutiny over technology spending, but acquired more clients than analysts had expected during the quarter ending April 30.

2nd June 2023 01:05
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Meta says it will block news on Facebook in California if recently advanced bill becomes law

The California Journalism Preservation Act still needs to be approved by the state Senate and signed by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom to become law.

2nd June 2023 01:01
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Boeing indefinitely delays Starliner astronaut mission for NASA after discovering more issues

Boeing's Starliner crew flight test was most recently scheduled for July 21 and was due to carry a pair of NASA astronauts to the International Space Station.

2nd June 2023 00:38
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CNN's new COO hire underscores bond between CEO Chris Licht and WBD boss David Zaslav

CNN's hiring of David Leavy as its new chief operating officer highlights the bond between CNN CEO Chris Licht and Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav.

2nd June 2023 00:12
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Medicare details plan to cover Alzheimer's treatments

Patients will have to participate in registries that collect real-world data on how the drug works as a condition of coverage.

1st June 2023 23:09
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Microsoft signs deal for A.I. computing power with Nvidia-backed CoreWeave that could be worth billions

Microsoft is seeing so much demand for its cloud infrastructure for artificial intelligence workloads that it's signing up a startup to help provide capacity.

1st June 2023 21:12
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Amazon's North America fulfillment head is leaving

Amazon recently revamped its transportation and fulfillment operations in the U.S. to speed up deliveries and save costs.

1st June 2023 21:00
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Why Apple's VR headset could succeed where every similar product has failed

On Monday, Apple is expected to announce its first new major product line since it unveiled the Apple Watch in 2014.

1st June 2023 20:48
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Why Iran keeps seizing oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz

After the seizure of three oil tankers by Iran, tensions are rising once again in this important artery of the global economy.

1st June 2023 20:45
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Here's what to watch out for in Friday's jobs report for May

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones expect job growth in May of 190,000, a decline from the 253,000 in April.

1st June 2023 20:37